Why I Left The Police?

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The article explains the life story of an ex-police officer who is now earning money through forex. Many people think that police officer earns much money  and lead a happy life. They have more controlling power and it makes their life easier. But in reality, that is not always true. They need to work at all days even on weekends. Also, it is their responsibility to make everything happens in the right time and in right way. They are unable to spend time with family members in a peaceful mood. They need to spend extra hours if there is any emergency at work.

why i left policing

My name is Michael. I live in London. And that’s my life story. I was working at London police department. And now I will explain the reason why I left the police. I was working there for 10 years and I felt that there is no improvement or positive changes happened in my life. I met people who earned more money in their younger age. Even after turned 35, I was unable to pay my bills. It was hard to make ends meet. I’ve realized that I am in a desperate need of money. Then I started searching alternative sources of income. One day I’ve found forex. It has changed my life for better.

How to Earn on Forex Trading?

Forex is termed as a foreign exchange. Here we can exchange the currencies that are  present in the market. I’ve started to learn basic rules and tips which I found on the internet. It resembles stocks where currencies go up and down. Every move can be seen on over the graph. If you have enough analytical and math skills, you can easily trade on forex. It has been observed that EUR and USD are mostly traded currency values in the market. This tended me to trade with these currencies. I have started to do some sort of homework in order to keep updated and to avoid serious risks. Then, I understood the basics of forex trading and started to trade more effectively. It made me to bid the auction of the currencies in the same market on the next day. It took more time for me to find out the genuine and good broker who is smart and dedicated to work. I understood that it would help avoid any losses on the initial stage.

How I Avoid Losing Real Money?

Once I’ve got enough skills, I have started to trade using practice account and this would be treated as a demo account for the customers. It helps avoiding risk taking or facing difficult steps while trading. After acquiring enough skills with my demo account, I’ve used to set goals and achieve them every day. This helps in making more successful steps in the market. Moreover, it is time saving. It is vital to protect your account from hacking attacks. For this purpose, you should use long and completed password.

Nowadays, I am a successful and happy person. My salary is much more higher than it was before when I was working at the police department. Trading in forex is a good option to earn one’s living.